Young , wild, and free. #TBT #friends #Hardcore

Young , wild, and free. #TBT #friends #Hardcore

Code Orange “Dreams In Inertia”

Colombian Necktie - “Sleepwalking”

Went to Baldwin Park for one last stomp and to say good bye to #TheMongoloids #Mongostomp #Hardcore lives. #NewJersey

@trashtalk playing the berrics tonight. #LA #Hardcore

Code Orange Kids “I Am King”

Every Time I Die - “Decayin With The Boys”

Rat Path - Hunter Gatherer. Great band from the Northwest

Merauder - Master Killer at Hellfest. JC pitting, Vogel singing along. 

Twitching Tongues / Disgrace covering Merauder - Master Killer

Desolated - End Of The Line 

This band seriously whoops ass.

This band seriously whoops ass.

New Desolated next month. looking forward to this. pit.


Young And In The Way “Be My Blood”